Ganesha Project

Ganesha Project’s third album is out now. “Estrellitas” has already become an anthem of freedom. Regardless of the venue size or location, the energy and power released during a Ganesha Project concert resonates through all matter, expanding each heart and healing each soul.


We are Ganesha Project

Ganesha Project is one of the preeminent bands on the domestic medicine music and mantra scene.

Formed nine years ago as part of the Bhakti movement in Barcelona, they have built a very personal artistic proposal and an extremely powerful live chanting circle show.

They have taken their music to festivals such as MantraFest, Open Heart, Vibrafest and Sun Sun Love and have also worked with great musicians including Ravi Ram, Raffa Martínez and Cristina Serrato.

Marta and Sergi embody the Shiva-Shakti union of the two masculine and feminine energies.

Their voices merge into a single energy which brings healing to people prepared to open their hearts to listening.

The evolution of their career has led them to unveil their third record “From the Silence”, a very mature album which evokes the joy of living and vibrating highly through music rooted in the silence of the most sacred.

Their single “Estrellitas” has already become an anthem of freedom and healing which is continuing to expand among the community of souls open to seeing the journey of life anchored in another paradigm.

Their musical proposition can be supported by the “Camino a la Liberación” (Road to Freedom) workshop which is pure medicine for the soul and opens a space for healing through the voice and the body.


Chanting Circles

Mantras are a bridge to another level of consciousness and can transform the mind, body and spirit. When we chant, the mantra’s frequencies enter our Being and calm the mind. By blending their beautiful voices, guitars and harmonium, Sergi and Marta lead the group to open up their hearts through their harmony and raise their energy. Chanting circles are a group experience which inspires you to sing with all your heart, dance in ecstasy and plunge into the deep silence after each chant.


In-Person Workshops

The Workshops Marta and Sergi run are a unique chance to connect with your Being, a space to free yourself through the voice and chanting mantras, a safe space where you can experience the healing power of vibration and remember that, in essence, we are one.


Road to Freedom

A unique opportunity to align with your Being, raise your vibration and find your Voice to express it freely.

We use group dynamics and tools including breathwork, tantra, soundbath, chakra alignment and mantra chanting.

We work on the emotional blocks which prevent you from finding your voice and expressing it.

If you find it hard to connect with your emotions and express them, if you have problems communicating, if you like singing but feel “your voice doesn’t come out” or you have a “lump in your throat”, if you’re a self-demanding person, tend to judge yourself and this blocks you, if you feel that what you have to say doesn’t matter…

This workshop is for you. Come and Free yourself and open yourself up to Life!


Vibrate in Abundance

We mentor you to change your vibration to vibrate in abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life.

We will share with you simple tools which you can take home and will support you on your path to prosperity.

We will help you thrust aside your scarcity mentality.

We will cut loose the restricting shortcomings which thwart prosperity and activate the energy of abundance.

We will change learned or inherited thoughts and patterns and connect with human beings’ ability to fashion their own reality.

This Workshop is for you:

If you find it challenging to do what you set out to do, if you feel tired and lack energy, if you have problems in visualising what you want in life, if you feel you are constantly self-sabotaging, if you don’t think you deserve the good things in life, if you’re always complaining and have negative thoughts…

Come vibrate in Abundance!


Heal Your Relationships

Improve the relationship with yourself and your partner.

Learn tools to communicate assertively and non-reactively and enhance the way you interact with others.

Find moments of calm and connection even within the chaos.

Change your belief system.

Boost your confidence.

This Workshop is for you:

If you feel it’s difficult for you to communicate assertively, if you’re one of those who immediately “jump” and that impulsiveness doesn’t allow you to act based on your Being, if you have problems identifying your emotions or feel that at many times they control you, if you have trouble expressing what you feel and tend to avoid it, if you clam up.


Our Music

Mantras are a bridge to another level of consciousness and can transform the mind, body and spirit.
From The Silence
Moola Mantra
Om Namo Narayanaya
Maha Mantra

Contact us

If you have a venue where we can run our chanting circles and workshops, write to us now and book your date as soon as possible.